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Taoism defines the world in which we reside is composed of two essential forces. They are known as yin (yielding, receptive, dark side) and yang (male, energetic, light side). On proper utilization of these two stated forces it is most probable for each entity to live in agreement with their environment. The balance of Yin and yang needs to be cautiously balanced if a person wants to accomplish what is known as qualities of Taoism. These Taoism traits are liveliness, energy, and spirit. If an individual can ensure that all of these three qualities are correctly balanced only then it is formidable to keep the two forces of yin and yang harmonized with the better and happier living and without any problem as well (Syl, 2006, 1).
The idea of yin-yang is never been explained in such a unique and beautiful manner which gives explanation about the underlying agreement of life through the interplay of opposites. The two sages mentioned earlier are actually telling us that the apparent opposites of life such as “yes” and “no”, the ‘good” and “bad”, are simply expressions of a deeper core unity, the connectedness that describes procedures and structures of life. They actually let us know not get oneself trapped in these noticeable contradictions, strictly making choice of one side next to the other. Another feature of yin-yang provides us the idea of change leading to harmonious balance underlines. These two opposite forces are neither static nor rigidly locked in contradiction with one another. There is a constant interaction and movement of two forces of yin. As one part of the energy becomes full fledge and complete, then the remaining other starts growing and rising (Kardash, 1993, 1).

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