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As a matter of fact, Ford Australia is surrounded by plenty of automobile makers that are giving the American giant and Australian subsidiary a significant tough time. Competition has increased ever since competitors entered into the market and it’s highly required by the company to stay competitive in order to survive and stay stable (Morris, 2009, p 201).

The ford motor company is required to make competitive moves so that the company remains in the market and its awareness of new vehicles reaches the target market in Australia. The most competitive moves Ford Australia can make is to do massive research just similar to research on hybrid cars which can create competitive edge for the company. It is to be remembered that in order to stay competitive, the company must have to spend heavily in research and development to ensure that they come up with offering that are unique and are not offered by any competitor in the market (Embree, 1972, p.125).

Success or Failure both are part of a business and its activity. If a business operates well and works accordingly towards its goals and targets then success is viable where as if a business doesn’t plan well and has no direction then there are massive chances of the business heading towards failure. For Ford Australia motor company the direction towards its goals and objectives is crucial. For this purpose the objectives and targets are supposed to be well defined so that achieving them becomes easier. It is advisable for the ford motor company to research well in the market to know the market trends and segment the market accordingly so that the target market of each segment is catered respectively. Customer needs and wants must be well defined and known by the company and similarly should be met accordingly in order to satisfy the customers. Competitors and their activities must be monitored thoroughly and competition must be countered with proper tactics in order to survive in the market (Brinkley, 2004, p.265).

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