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By looking at this list of automotive manufacturers in Australia, a clear picture can be extracted that the market of Automobiles in Australia is large and highly competitive. The demand of the vehicles is on the rise from various years due to which production plants have been set up in Australia. Although due to economic recession, the sales of Automobiles has gone down in Australia but before this recession the Automobile market had a great chunk of prosperity and its size was big enough (McLaughlin, 2007, p. 13).

In current years Australian Automotive industry has total number of four manufacturers that are actually contributing a lot in the sector with regards to car manufacturing and there are almost 200 manufacturers of automobile parts in Australia. None of the manufacturers or the automobile parts manufacturers are home based but are subsidiaries of overseas parents (Brinkley, 2004, p. 109).

In the recent years, automotive industry in Australia has been considering joint venture deals with many foreign automobile manufacturers that are actually in Asia Pacific region. The automotive industry is one of Australia’s major manufacturing activities and accounts for approximately 7 per cent of total manufacturing value added and almost one per cent of Australia’s gross domestic product (Scheller, 2008, p. 101).

The size of automotive market in Australia has got stable in the recent years with production being done based actually on the demand of the vehicles. New models of several vehicles have been hot cakes in the market due to which sales volume reached to 800,000 units annually.

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