Sample Essay

Ford came up with Model A in year 1928 which is also regarded as depression period in Australian history where the economy took downturn but ford managed to keep its production and assembly line working. Although sales dropped but due to dropping of prices, ford managed to survive in the market and kept running smoothly till the economic downturn got over. V-8 model was another success in 1932 and from time to time, different models from ford motors kept entering in the Australian market (LeBlanc, 2006, p.11).

World War II brought disruption in Ford Activities in Australia was the production facilities were converted in to military camps. But soon after the war, Ford motor company came back in Australia sharply by coming up with more models and setting up a plant at Broad meadows which increased the production capacity and increased the sales volume of ford vehicles in the Australian market As mentioned above, the ford motor company achieved rapid success since its existence and due to high demand of vehicles all over the world, the production of the automobile had to be increased so that the demand of the market could be appropriately met. For this purpose Ford started exporting cars worldwide and also considered setting up production and assembling plants in countries where operating cost was low and the company could make profits while operating at such locations. It was in year 1904, one year after the Ford motor company was formed that the first ford car stepped into the Australia from the ford motor company. This import of the first ford car marked a beginning to the introduction of ford cars in Australia (Meyer, 2007, p. 13).

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