Sample Essay

India’s focus, now, should be to develop its insurance and financial institutions, namely the banking sector, in order to encourage the flow of foreign direct investments, as multinationals have shown their trust in the country’s economy and are thus interested in making more investments in India. The share of FDI in insurance is expected to rise to 49%. Low salary expense and the growth of Indian outsourcing companies worldwide have made Indiaa favorable destination for outsourcing. Due to their high quality low cost services, Indiais now a part of the top outsourcing places with Malaysia, Chile, Mexicoand China. Its BPO base is $7,500-$8500, making it the second lowest with the lowest being China’s. Indiaalso produces one of the highest numbers of highly qualified English speaking engineering and management graduates that could add immense value to the services provided to the clients (Financial crisis, 1, n.d).

The measures for poverty alleviation and the equality of income must be advanced through the growing worldwide globalization. New policies and measures should be created so as to overcome the crisis as Indiais now in the recovery phase. Kumar (25, 2010) points out that the importance should now be placed at the development and investment in the private sector, which would accelerate sustainable economic growth (Financial crisis, 1, n.d).


None of the GCC country is having rapid growing economy than. It is expected thatQatar’s economy would remain growing as Liquefied natural gas has taken charge of the mounting export figures along with additional oil capacity. Furthermore the economic growth is supported by the present increment in local demands because of expansion in the construction and financial service industries (Sfakianakis, 1, 2008).

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