Sample Essay

U.S.firms too stated that industrial values that are applied inQatarare encouraging toU.S.exports. Moreover,Qatarhas a steady currency and the country enforces no foreign exchange management. There are sound capitalized monetary institutions inQatar, most remarkably Qatar National Bank. In addition, Qatar permits up to 100% of foreign possession in agriculture, manufacturing, health, education, sightseeing, authority, and projects drawn in the progress and operation of natural resources, awaiting approval from the Qatari Government (Wallace, 3, n.d) Qatar, alongside with Bahrain, is among the countries with the smallest tax rates in the globe.

Qatar’s expansion will remain physically powerful over the impending years, driven by an increasing gas sector and augmented government expenditure. However, weaknesses may still appear. For specific one, the real estate sector may worsen mostly commercial real estate where there is saturation. If not, growing reliance upon gas depictsQatarto shocks in those sector/goods. Nevertheless, an indomitable drive to expand the economy and strong government assistance should help out safeguardQatarand make safe continuous growth.

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