Education is incomplete without Essay writing. Students, at different educational levels, are required to write essays and assignments for the purpose of developing writing skills. However, a good essay is one which follows a proper Essay format. The best way to structure an essay is to divide it in three main parts: the introduction, main body paragraphs and the conclusion. The length of the essay depends upon the topic you choose, the level of study or the number of words required by the teacher.

Here is the further explanation to the above Essay format:

The introduction:

The introduction of the essay introduces your topic to the reader. Focus on what, how, where kind of questions while describing what your subject of essay is. Develop a thesis statement which would link your introduction to the next paragraph. Your thesis statement an important part of the introduction, therefore, write it in such a way that the reader creates an understanding of what is going to be told further in the essay.

The main body paragraphs

The main body paragraphs consist of everything you want to put in your essay. Make sure you do not out all the information in a haphazard way. One paragraph should describe one point of the subject. There is no hard and fast rule to number of paragraphs in the middle of the Essay format, you can use as many paragraphs as required to make your essay a complete and unique piece of writing.

While writing the paragraphs, each paragraph must have a statement which gives a summary of the point you describe in that. There should be coherence among the main body paragraphs. For your ease, develop a center point where you can keep your focus at, so that you do not go off the track.


The conclusion of the essay in the Essay format is the summary of the entire essay. Repeat your thesis statement in a different way in the conclusion. This would leave an impact on the reader of what has been conveyed in the essay. you can always add you opinion or recommendation in the essay if it is an analysis or a research paper.

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