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The ford motor company is one of the legends and pioneers in the field of automobile industry. Formed in year 1903 by the founder Henry Ford, the company started off with its operations in Dearborn, Michigan which is located in the state of Detroit. The ford motor company achieved massive success in its industry since it came into existence and with the passage of time grew stronger and expanded its operations in various countries in order to meet the growing demand of automobiles in the entire world (Ford, 2009, p. 12).

Today, Ford motor company is second largest automaker in United States of America and the fourth largest in the entire world. The company has followed and achieved success through the concept of Fordism which actually follows the philosophy and ideology of the founder Henry Ford. Ford motor company now employs more than 200,000 workers worldwide and has been a market leader in global markets of Africa & Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific and South America. Although the Ford motor company is financially stable but due to recent economic crises, its sales had plunged down due to which the company suffered massive loss in its revenues (Brinkley, 2004, p.165).

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