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Frank’s father supposedly played a great role in his life and in helping him become the person that he eventually became. By telling him stories and helping him with his homework, Malachy helped Frank in building up his own imagination, intensifying his love for words as well as stories and somehow this storytelling also helped Frank in escaping, even if for a moment from the dark side of his childhood.

He tells the story of Cuchulain, who grew up to be a superhero and these images help Frank in strengthening his character and personality all through life. His father’s bad behavior and gruesome stories that he tells about Ireland and England strengthen Frank’s personality for the future, and those little bits of time where his attitude is good towards the children, are those treasured most by Frank as he says, “That’s my story. Dad can’t tell that story to Malachy or any other children down the hall. He finishes the story and lets me sip his tea. It’s bitter, but I’m happy there on his lap” (McCourt, p. 12).


In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that no matter how bad Frank’s father’s attitude was, he still loved his children and had played a major role in helping Frank become the person that he eventually did.

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