Sample Essay

A manager is designated four major tasks in an organization’s setting. Major managerial tasks are planning, organizing, leading and controlling (McKenna, 1989). The mangers are the specialized individual who owns a significant understanding of various organizational attributes. The function of the typical managers in an organization is extensive depending on the level of management a manager belongs to. The three broad classifications of managers in a contemporary organization are top level, middle level and lower level management. But yet the basic functions of the managers in all the contemporary organizations remain constant to a great extent. Depending on the nature of organization the managers may be designated with some additional responsibilities as well.

The planning function of a manger is described as the task allocation function whereby the manger plans the upcoming targets and action plans of its subordinates. This planning of activities is based on the personal competence of the manger. This implies that the manger has the necessary and developed skills of assigning the task and getting the best work done from its subordinates. The second function of the manager is organizing. It implies the use of managerial
tools by the manager to allocate proper weights to each task assigned. In this role the manager takes the charge over the assigned task to the subordinate and ensures that the employee is equipped with all the necessary tools required for the completion of the assigned task.

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