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The functional strategies are operational level strategies that are typically related with value chain and business processes among the operating departments of the company. These departments include Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resource and Research & Development (Kotelnikov). The functional strategies devised for Ducati Motorcycles are as follows.

Marketing Strategy for Ducati Motorcycles

Continuous learning about markets is a necessity to remain successful in contemporary business environment (Cravens & Piercy). At Ducati continuous learning of market and customer orientation is the key part of marketing strategy.  Ducati will continue using its product development strategy to maintain its technological dominance. Under this a new model for the popular superbike category will be rolled out by the second quarter of 2009. Under product lifecycle management the superbike model 1098R will be upgraded to provide better functionality and the product will be made available in first quarter 2010. An upgraded version of Street Fighter will be channeled out in last quarter 2009. Going forwards Ducati will add at least ten new models to its Hypermotard, Monster, Multistarda, Sport Classic and Street Fighter ( These will be made available through progressive product development and innovation over a period of three years. Sales of Super Bikes shall be increased by ten percent by the year end. Product line will be extended to include Ducati footwear in addition to the Ducati apparel and accessories already available. Ducati footwear will be launched in 2010. At least five new licenses will be issued for using Ducati brand in related products category by year end 2009. New product categories and segments will be explored for example perfumes, telephones and watches. Licenses for new categories will be issued over the next five years while keeping an eye on customer trends and latent needs. As a result an increase of five percent in market share is expected over the period of next two years and related product sales shall be increased by ten percent over the same time frame.

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