Sample Essay

Strictly speaking in managerial terms, a function is a group of people who possess similar skills and have been assembled together to perform the same kind of job. AT the same time they use the same kind of tools, management and techniques to perform their jobs. Departments of organizations such as sales, research and development, manufacture are often grouped together into the functional aspect of an organization. A functional structure is basically made up of all the departments of organizations that are required to produce its goods and services. For instance United Furniture’s is a company in Middle East used to produce and import furniture.

It is basically a home furnishing company that supplies its customers with a wide and varied range of goods and services from all around the world to satiate their demand for new and innovative products. Its main functions are finance-taking care of all the capital coming in, going out and utilized in the business, administration-the various nitty gritties associated with co-ordination between managers, customers and distributers, logistics that revolve around managing product distribution, stores that manage retail outlets, merchandising i.e. purchasing human goods, marketing the product accordingly and then human resources. Each aspect of the function is there to help improve organization performance and achieve more profit in the long and short run both. For instance the logistics department ensures that the goods are properly distributed and taken care of efficiently, marketing department ensures that the public at large is aware of the latest developments, new products that Pier I keeps coming with, while the financial department keeps a tab on the profits, losses, expenses, market shares and future profitability of the organization. Ergo, each of these is just as important in ensuring a healthy and prosperous organization in the long run. (Lawrence, 1967)

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