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Previous researches, studies and books on cash flows, the functioning of cash flows and the techniques to speed up cash flows were reviewed and discussed in this chapter. The introduction of the two companies Marks and Spencer and Debenhams was also discussed in the later part of the chapter to get a better understanding of both companies.
The importance of cash flows for an organisation and the techniques to speed up cash flows by speeding up collections and delaying payments has become more vital to organisations especially after the financial crisis of 2008. The component of liquidity for any company has become more important as financing options become scarce. The literature review discussed the importance of speeding up cash flows for both small and large corporations and methods of speeding up cash flows in a retail company. The literature review provides the background and basis for researching the techniques for speeding up cash flows. The research methodology applied to collect, interpret and evaluate the data collected for this research is discussed in the next chapter.

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