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Management is the process of Planning, Organizing, Communicating, Coordinating and Controlling. In business terminology, the word management explains all the processes that are directly related to managing organizational processes and its employees. According to Shultz, management is the procedure of identifying what must be done for the profitability of the enterprise and how that can be done.

Managers are the wings of an enterprise who are actually the driving force. Without their planning, organizational tasks can’t be performed appropriately and the workforce working under them is likely to get demoralized and demotivated (Steve, 2009). Motivation remains like a life blood for employees and it’s the responsibility of the managers to keep the motivation level high among their staff and ensure that employees are working towards achieving desired goals (Parker, 2009).

In order to keep the right people working, personality tests are often conducted by the management officials to make sure worthy and productive employees are given chance to work. The two personality tests that are often used are Myer Briggs & Big Five model.  Although both these tests carry their own importance but management should not always consider depending on scientific tests but also stress upon taking certain arithmetic and logical tests to make sure staff which is going to be hired are fully eligible and capable of working effectively and efficiently.

To conclude, management processes are back bone of an organization and such processes are to be specialized and transformed from time to time so that old management techniques are turned obsolete and new ones are implemented for the overall success and profitability of an enterprise. If management processes are well managed by a well qualified manager, then only an organization can be in right shape to perform well in the local and global markets. In broader perspective, the very same strategy/approach is adopted by large organizations and is the main secret behind their success.

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