Sample Essay

Why is it useful to distinguish between ‘Women in Development’, ‘Gender analysis of Development’ and ‘Feminism’?

Gender and development approach differs from the women and development approach in a myriad of ways. Distinct and clear differences between the two will be made in this context. Though it can’t be denied that the two criss-cross and over-lap each other in various areas. Six main points will be dealt with in the process, the crux of the approach taken, women’s consciousness of discrimination/sub-ordination, holism pertaining to social organization basic criterion of development, and the overall strategies applied.

In this regard, the approach pursued by proponents of “Women in Development” , “Gender analysis and development” and “Feminism” have been critiqued and argued over and the importance of each established in the coming discussions. While WID believes in focusing women efforts solely on development, GAD calls for establishing inter-relations between works allotted to each gender and moving ahead accordingly. Feminists bend a little more on the extreme side wherein they believe that legislations over work allotment to both sides of the gender should be free and equal rights should be given to women. The aforementioned arguments will be elaborated over and differences between them cited.

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