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      There are increasing numerals of reported cases of prejudice. Such reports vary from the straightforward implausible glances, if a person has put on accessories or clothes which are not really usually seen, to the more relentless and multifaceted circumstances of having fights as well as there being situations where people get verbally abused. For the most part, women and culturally diverse people are more prone to affliction or having to face racist annotations and exploit from people at the workplace.

     Discrimination in any field of life is unjust as well as highly disturbing. However, workplace discrimination is a challenge faced by various organizations world over as well as a social dilemma and a professional hurdle that uncountable employees experience in today’s highly competitive work environment. The passages below throw light upon the extent to which gender and cultural discrimination exists in the U.S. work environment and the entire research assignment supports the thesis statement which claims that women and culturally diverse people are largely affected by discrimination in the workplace; a fact that has led to wage and power inequalities in the workplace between people and has resulted in other problems including psychological hazards and unjustified career constraints for people on the basis of their sex and cultural background. Discussion is based on the extensive research conducted by the experts in the related field.  The United States of America is a very diverse country in the context of culture. People of a vast number of different ethnic backgrounds, religions, nationalities, languages etc live together in a culturally diverse environment. Discrimination is a problem that is being faced by a cast number of people on regular basis not only in America but in the whole world. Discrimination is defined as “the restrictive treatment of a person or group based on prejudiced assumptions of group characteristics, rather than on individual judgment. It is the denial of justice prompted by prejudice” (Glossary, p.1).

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