Sample Essay

The approach treats women as active and not passive agents in development processes but it does not rule out that women do not have the perfect knowledge of their social situation. The GAD approach does not believe that women stand correct and right in all their views and opinion. Similarly, it does not hold that all men are wicked and need to be abhorred. However it does not deny, that the advantages men enjoy over women would make it unlikely for them to advocate for the rights of women without powerful and effective persuasion.

This approach is largely holistic and perceives the environment as a whole , keeping in perspective the social, environmental and economical life while analyzing various aspects of a society. Similarly it does not focus solely on the nurturing and  the reproducing/caretaking aspect of a women’s life only when attempting to analyze the pattern and stature of their lives. Nor does it solely focus on the economic elements of our life. Rather it focuses on the “fit” between the family, the household and as they revolve around the political and economical spheres of life. GAD perceives development as a process that is aimed at targeting and benefitting the society as a whole, rather than women as per say only. (Consult 1990) It asserts that the imbalance of power relations between men and women acts as an obstacle to their means of obtaining , accessing and sustaining resources.

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