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The VPN has three most basic components that are require for its functioning. These are known as tunnels, endpoints and sessions. Tunnels are described as virtual channels all the way through a joint medium. They supply a protected communications trail (an encapsulated traffic stream) linking two peers. An endpoint on the other hand is “A network device on which a tunnel ends. The following devices can serve as endpoints: a computer running a VPN client, a router, a gateway, or a network access server. The two ends of a tunnel are commonly called the source and the destination endpoints.

A source endpoint initiates the tunnel. A destination endpoint terminates the tunnel” (IPsec, VPN and Firewall Concepts, p.1). Sessions are basically segments of tunnels that relate to the conduction of a particular user in a sole, tunneled PPP call connecting two peers. Most of the times, VPN tunnels have multiple sessions. A remote access tunnel can consist of one or at times a vast number of PPP connections. Every connection corresponds to one user. Nevertheless, Performance Monitor refers to any client connection to a contrivance as a session. When one builds up the VPN, the person can put to one side a collection of static IP addresses for the VPN users’ computers. When a VPN client connects to the local network, it automatically gets to be allocated an IP address from this pool of addresses that were put aside previously. This IP address is added to the VPN Clients network.

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