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As discussed by Miller (2007) in the article, titled “Genetic Testing and the Future of Disability Insurance: thinking about discrimination in the genetic age”, there are chances that everybody may have some genetic disorder. It is possible that one may be normal but other may be genetically ill. But this does not mean that the employee’s future is subject to the incongruence of the body chemistry. These elements are not under the control of a human. I believe that would adopt utilitarian approach for my analysis. The reason being that an employer, although does not have the right to interfere in the private matters of the employee, but when we look at the bright side of the picture we would find that in future the employee would be provided with some medical assistance. The medical assistance should be provided to the employee. Moreover, trust should be build and confidence level should be high of the employee. The employer has to establish the trust on its employee that the information gained would be kept private and would be used in the best interest of the employee.

It has been mentioned by Miller (2007) that a human being inherits from the parent similar genetic code. Adopting a deontological approach would mean to reject the whole racial line following the same genes. This is not at all favorable as they are genetically able, but that has not been apparent yet. Whereas, adopting a utilitarian view would mean that the individual’s test would be conducted with a view that medication will be provided so that employee may not be fired, but retains the job after receiving proper team. This would also save the entire race from genetic discrimination as well. I would discuss the positive impact of utilitarian view on the healthcare policies as under

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