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The workplaces are witnessing immense use of genetic testing. A survey was conducted by American Management Association in the year 1998, according to which the predispositions of the employees were being tested by 10 percent of the employers. There is a constant since a long time in which the employees try their best to get rid of genetic testing, employers promote genetic testing whereas, the government tries hard to maintain an equilibrium position in between them by creating and executing strategies that may be ethically and morally right (Gustafson, 2004, 1).

A variety of laboratory techniques are used to determine if a person has a genetic condition or disease or is likely to get the disease using genetic tests. The results of the genetic process depend on both reliable laboratory procedures and accurate interpretation of results. The false positive or false negative results should also be taken into consideration when interpreting the result of any genetic test. Techniques to examine genes or markers near the genes are included in the genetic tests. The factor of sensitivity may also vary which refers to detecting the mutations or to detect all patients who have or will get the disease (Project, 1, nd).

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