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Internet marketing alongside geo marketing holds special emphasis on marketing that appeals to specific behavior and interests instead of reaching out to a broadly defined demographic. Marketers thus target their users by categorizing them into groups on the basis of their age, religion, ethnic backgrounds and a myriad of other factors. Marketers thus enjoy the luxury of targeting according to activity and geolocation. For instance a company that is based on Kayak can go about posting advertisements on kayaking and canoeing websites with complete knowledge of the relative interests of their audience. However it should be noted that internet marketing differs radically from that of magazine advertisements. In magazine advertisements, the aim is to target the demographic of the periodical. (Why Marketers are not investing online n.d.)

Geo targeting and geo marketing are two other marketing models that are applied when dealing with e-marketing. In this, the geolocation or the physical location of a website visitor with geo-location software is figured out. The required and desired content is then delivered accordingly to the right location based on the IP address, zip code and certain other criterion. A very typical example in this regard could be the geo targeting as ventured by FedEx on its website The users are free to choose their country location and then later are presented with a different site or article based on their choice. E-marketing made this possible, which was a rare distinct phenomenon if compared to tradition marketing methods. According to David Rye “With automated different content in internet marketing and geomarketing the delivery of different content based on the geographical geolocation and other personal information is automated.”
(Business week- Advertising Goes Off the Radio n.d.)

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