Sample Essay

Whereas, Gersonidas’ belief is a bit different. According to Gersonidas, the human free will is the main and an important element which should be termed as an important element in order to have the better results. On the other hand according to Augustine the foreknowledge of sinning also makes it very much necessary to sin, but this compulsion to sin is not incompatible with the free will. Gersonidas also believes that the act of sin is a different task and human beings are not bound with this.

Augustine on the other hand also believed that the given foreknowledge there is also a certain order of causes with the help of which each and every single thing happens which actually does not happen. Human free will is therefore termed as in the order of cause foreknown to God and also to free will causes human actions. Therefore human free will is termed as a part of a deterministic order where God foreknows each and every single thing. Augustine and Gersonidas basically handled this main and an important problem by making this thing very much clear that God actually knows each and every single thing. He actually knows that what is happening around Him and He is aware from each and every single activity. No one can rule over Him because He is the only single power.

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