Sample Essay

A distinct concept has emerged with respect to black feminism and the existing epistemological thoughts. This factor is the evident existence of a wide array of knowledge and experience. This concrete experience is highly prioritized as the African American woman’s authority as a leader. In essence, only female African Americans can participate in this constitution of black feminism and similarly engage in the process of leadership. This advances their authority and authenticates their indiscriminate search for recognition. Despite the fact that black feminism is not a unified ideology, it still remains a theory which puts African American central in its discussion.

Black feminists have always been in existence in the society but have had their voices constrained by numerous barriers. It is only in recent times that these feminists have started to emerge and also voiced their claims. African American women have in the past been put in a generalized category where their issues are rendered insignificant. As a result they are pressurized to remain close mouthed on their experiences even in the realm of white feminism movements. It has been inevitable that these women would curve out a niche for themselves and the space which they have been continuously denied. Leadership in the black feminist movement has centered on giving African American women a voice, developing beneficial paths and also providing them with direction. Indeed as Chin and Lott (2007, p.283) claim, black feminist leadership is one which is implemented through the “leading by example” notion. These leaders take it upon themselves to become societal pillars and role models who can shape the growth of young people in the society.

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