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One axiom pertaining to global marketing strategies, that has been acknowledged and researchers and executives both, is that standardization is central to success. Standardization and competitive advantage have been often described as closely related entities. What makes a global firm successful is its ability to resonate the same message across the globe. The message is the crux and appeal of the brand and transforming it country to country may reduce its appeal and the value of the firm in general. More over global marketing messages seek advantage from the economies of scale.  (R. W. Tim Niblock 1999)An add is created, a tag is created; logos are created etc that incur fixed costs. The whole idea is to ensure that they address as huge a customer base as possible. Ergo, some argue the default approach should be target customers on a global scale and change it to the suit needs of a particular region only if necessary.

In an argument cited by the professor of Harvard Business School, Theodore Levitt, appealed to global companies that forget and keep aside the minor differences between various countries and cultures and concentrate on the satisfying universal demands on the other hand. Following this strategy some Global firms have done little or nothing to revise their marketing plans in the GCC countries.  Pepsi for instance adopted a worldwide strategy while using Michael Jackson to endorse their product in the 1980s.

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