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Globalization is defined as “A set of processes leading to the integration of economic, cultural, political, and social systems across geographical boundaries” (HSE). As above definition states globalization results in the incorporation of different agents and annihilation of geographical borders therefore, leading to a political, economical, cultural and social change in the whole world.

However, this paper will be dealing with the effects of globalization on South Africa taking into consideration various aspects.

Colonization And Its Impact On Globalization

South Africa has been colonized since 14th century during which various western powers exploited the human resources of Africa through slave labor and didn’t pay much attention to the mineral and stone mining.

“In April 1880, Rhodes and Rudd launched the De Beers Mining Company after the amalgamation of a number of individual claims” (Wikipedia), having the support and backing of British government through which they earned millions of dollars by mining precious stones like diamonds and exploiting them for their own profits. Cecil Rhodes also entered the political scene of South Africa in 1890 and introduced the “Glen Grey Act to push black people from their lands and make way for industrial development”(Wikipedia). He also founded the British South Africa Company (BSA) that was to play a leading role in the colonization of central Africa. This company employed people from Britain and brought them to Africa to settle down that led to the rule of white minority till the 1990’s. British introduced the apartheid law in 1948 that gave the blacks majority second grade citizen rank separating them in every right and activity from the whites till 1994.

Throughout the centuries of colonization, South Africans were deprived from their rights, generation after generation working as slaves and not getting their due share of compensation. The conquering countries, whether be it Britain or Netherlands, fully exploited the South African land and its people.

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