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Wherever one peeks a boo into the Saudi Arabia society women clad in black abbayas will be found all over irrespective of their ethnic, cultural and geographical origin. Two decades later, the ubiquitous abaya which was unique to the Saudi women, symbolizes the ultimate victory of the conservative sections of the society over globalization. Today in shopping malls and private schools, their eyes can be seen and gone are the days of shroud abbayas while neatly embroidered silky black gowns have taken over in the upscale Saudi neighborhood.

The fate of the public and what it “faces” today tells us the impact of Saudi engagement with the global economy. Today women move more freely in markets, are allowed to meet up in restaurants with their friend circles and can launder around a little more openly compared to what it was around twenty five years ago. The ruling elite have been more than pro-active in opening educational avenues for women and continue to support the society in this regard. Thanks to globalization, women groomed in the Saudi society of today’s time and ages are socially, economically and morally more aware compared to their predecessors and their ancestors. (Ambah, 2008)

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