Sample Essay

The best solution is not to have the government regulate media in any way, but to give the consumers choice and power to make their own decisions. This way competition would also be kept alive, and that is necessary for quality and improvement. Until meaningful competition emerges, the government must still exercise some control over cable charges so as to counteract monopoly of certain channels and ensure survival of public access channels. This is necessary to prevent what happened after the implementation of the 1996 Act.

Permanent control is not necessary, only until the time that healthy competition is able to regulate prices by itself. Likewise, provisions in the Act that did not keep in mind the consumers at the receiving end did not do any good, and it must be left to community leaders to define the fine details of access and rates. ‘Reasonable priced leased access’ must be implemented to ensure that independent programmers can utilize channel capacity and generate competition. (U.S.PIRG, 2003) Input and feedback from members of the public is essential so representatives from communities, with no media affiliation or conflict of interests can make suggestions and ensure that no financial mismanagement occurs, which has been observed in these situations. Now that cable broadband has taken up the internet service providing as well, it is important that restrictions are not present on cable broadband use. Cable providers are known to limit information based on its nature and who is asking for it, because they deem it inappropriate. Such authority should not be given to the cable providers. Empowering the consumers to make their own choices and regulate their own use of the media is the best way to go about it.

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