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We have set multiple goals to grow the success of the Vive La France into multiple chain store business. In developing our future plan, we will take a more dynamic approach to our business by taking more different challenges. Before hand we will try out various temporary investments to better build a dessert house that cater to the masses. We want to create the unique brand that people will enjoy and better relate to so that would have the best experience dining in our dessert house.

As well as the top of mind dessert house for casual outing, occasions and gifts destination.

  • Base on store performance by half way through Year 0, we will consider expanding our product range to lunch and dinner range, like pastas. This is a temporary investment as well as for the chef to develop new product line to test out the taste of the market as our target market is more adventurous with taste. If it turns in a additional 30% revenue monthly, further plans will be consider in making this permanent.
  • We have scouted the surrounding area the Klang valley and noted a few key  location we could develop and expand the business to the various chain stores. The 1st few key location will be in the areas of Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Bangsar Area, and Damansara region. All which have a high settlement of colleges, work area and shopping district.

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