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The nation’s overall minority population keeps growing steadily. It added around 2.3 percent of Hispanics in 2008 to 104.6 million, or 34 percent of the total population But there is a hitch. This slowdown among Hispanics and Asians continues to shift conventional notions on when the real demarcation point in U.S. diversity will come — estimated to occur more than thirty years from now. On the other hand, Black growth rates remain somewhat flat.

Around forty six states registered relatively lower Hispanic growth in 2008 compared to the year 2007. The declines were more conspicuous in places where housing bubble burst, such as Nevada and Arizona. They had lost construction jobs that tend to attract immigrants. Similar declines were witness in new immigrant destinations in the Southeast, previously seen as offering good manufacturing jobs in lower-cost cities compared to the pricier Northeast. In contrast, cities in California, Illinois and New Jersey showed gains.

In Arkansas the story was different. There manufacturing and poultry companies had cut hours and workers. This left huge a number of Hispanics not just jobless but they were even unable to make way for their mortgage payments in the words of Maribel Tapia, a housing counselor in Fayetteville, Ark.

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