Sample Essay

The Vice President of Marketing and the Vice President of Production both have projects they say they absolutely must be done in four weeks.  Your current team has capacity to complete only one of these projects.  No other resources (money or people) are available to you.

What should you do?

At times there are situations where projects which are to be handled are plenty but the time to manage those projects and the resources to carry out such projects are scarce. Hence in such situations the ideal technique or the strategy to handle the situation is to pick a project which is of the most importance for the organization (Lee, 2000, p. 120).

Let’s suppose if the projects are available with Vice President of Marketing and Vice President of production and the resources to handle their projects are limited and both their projects can’t be done at the same time then in such situation the most viable option is to communicate with the both of the Vice presidents i.e. Marketing and Production and to reach a conclusion where it is to be decided that one project would be handled at a time to ensure quality results.

On mutual understanding, any one project could be selected either of Production or Marketing and work should be done on that project so that time and resources are well managed to ensure better results.  This situation of lack of resources must be informed to the Vice Presidents of both Marketing and Production so that they are aware of the fact that the either of their projects are being delayed due to lack of resources. Keeping in view of such situations, the most important project would be selected to be worked on without wasting any of the resources (Grossman, 2010, p. 101).

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