Sample Essay

Throughout the course of its history, Harley Davidson clanged on to its first impression and that was the image of “raw power”. This was and had always been central to Harley’s marketing strategies. Of all the products developed by Harleys Twin engine stood out. It was introduced and developed in 1909 and was named after its cylinders. The cylinders were held in an opposite direction on an angle of forty five degrees. The strategy was smart. It gave Harley the raw brusque aggressive appearance, the kind that would appeal to youngsters.

And also marketed its ability to deliver broad but low torque power. It was this design which gave the owners the freedom to play around with their engines. Harley’s was very particular about its design specifics as well. The heavy use of chrome, the low profile appearance and the styled tail fenders along with the chop of the front fork, made the company stand out. Ergo Harley ensured that it held a unique identity in every department. It not just looked different but it also sounded differed. It had a very different growl for the Harley engine and it continues to reign high even today. It was a bassoprofondu  thump , and made sounds like that of a sewing machines. (Company Profile for Harley Davidson n.d.) (Wagner 2003)

As its focus shifted to different colors, design in the late 1930s, Harleys opted for the more popular and colorful approach to marketing that is the image and lifestyle approach contrary to its earlier utilitarian approach. Various magazines and word of mouth were its mode of promotion. Soon they became really popular with the U.S military highway patrol officers, the Hell’s Angels and Hollywood rebels including the likes of Actor James Dean and Marlton.

The roster continued expanding and ended up attracting the young Elivs types as well.

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