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In a moderate minded society of people, free speech is promoted but only to enhance productivity through productive criticism. Respect is given to external parties where a violation of rights or values may lead to the origination of a destructive element. It is clear to see that the Harm Principle has a much narrow span in this regard as compared to the Offence Principle by John Mill. However, even the Offence Principle does not complete the job of regulating the discouraging of elements of expression of speech that may be found to be of an offensive nature.

This is so because the offence principle allows most offense expressions that may be hurtful or unpleasant to escape from being detected and halted. Taken to related aspects of human behavior, both the principles would fail to an extent such that they would not even allow the efficient exercising of law in a society.

In other words, an exploitation of the freedom of speech that begins from hate speech can come as far as behavior of the people in public settings and can have disastrous consequences for the members of that society or of an external society who have a varying set of values and/or rights.

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