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In my opinion the concept of Neruda having multiple identities is pretty valid because in life there are plenty of people we interact with, some of them turn out to be our well wishers where as others turn out to be those who do not express their hate much but keep on carving ways to put others into trouble. Hence multiple identities protect an individual in such kind of situations and make him/her in proper position to deal with such drama.

At times the situations are so vulnerable and so intense that a person has to deal with them in a very different manner. Recently, I met my ex (father of my daughter) who had abandoned me after the birth of our first child. Keeping in mind, my ex had been creating numerous trouble for me and my new relationship but I had to meet him in such a way that he never feels that I was aware of any trouble that he has been causing for me. In such situations, the poem, we are many acts as a best guide for me and teach me patience so over come such hurdles in my life. To conclude, the poem ‘we are many’ is truly a nice poem to be gone through by the readers and can surely act as a best guide for individuals to tackle confusing situations of their lives.

Being more than one person can prove out to be pretty interesting at times in life. As we interact with so many different people on daily basis and try to get certain things done due to the assistance and coordination from their sides, it teaches us a good fine lesson of how to deal and tackle with different people and get things done through their reference. In brief, if a thorough look is given to the concept of multiple identities then it surely does look like a successful and efficient way to bring life back on the fast running track.

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