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Higher education in the U.S. is also called postsecondary education. Sectors have not been formed for it as are some other national systems and it is a varied and independent community of publicly and privately sustained institutions. It is said that, “current data indicate that there are some 2,819 institutions offering a Bachelor’s or higher degree; 2,657 institutions offering at least an associate’s degree but less than a bachelor’s degree; and 4,927 institutions offering shorter non-degree programmes of less than two years duration.

The federal government has no jurisdiction or authority over the recognition of educational institutions, members of the academic professions, programmes or curricula, or degrees or other qualifications. Nearly all U.S. postsecondary institutions are licensed, or chartered, by a state or municipal government to operate under the ownership of either a government (if public) or a private corporation (if independent), and may be for-profit or not-for-profit enterprises. Religious institutions are considered independent or private” (United States of America, p.1).

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