Sample Essay

India has triumphed and developed in a vast number of fields in a very short period of time. According to sources, “In yet another hurrah for the India story, Corporate India is aggressively widening its employee base, just as salaries have seen an unprecedented boom.  A study of the top 100 Indian corporates conducted by this newspaper reveals that India Inc has added 1, 03,423 employees to 5, 44,969 between March 2004 and March 2005 — an increase of 23.42 per cent.  Sunrise companies have outshone the rest in adding employees though brick and mortar companies too are in the fray. IT major Infosys leads the pack having added 8,801 employees, as textile major Mahavir Spinning (6,500), tobacco giant ITC Ltd (6,500), aluminium firm Hindalco (6,012), IT company Satyam (5,132) and ICICI Bank (4,391) too saw high additions” (Sumser, 2005).

The hiring policy of India is very simple yet all-encompassing. Even though much data is not available but when one takes a closer look at the employees of organizations and the people who run businesses, it is evident that the environment is full of people from the upper or the higher class of society and is also dominated by the males. The hiring policy of India now aims to hire more and more people from the lower classes of society as even they are productive citizens of the country and also, that women would be given a chance to enter the workforce and they would be encouraged to do so. This asserts the fact that the increasing talent as well as the increasing competition from multinational companies has driven the Indians into expanding their HR by expanding their hiring policies. In the beginning, much emphasis was paid by hiring people in the IT sector, but now, “Perhaps for the first time in the recent past, the job market in the country is kind to talented people who hold degrees in non-information technology disciplines” (Sumser, 2005). Also, under the hiring policy of India, salaries have also increased. This has been done so in order to encourage the lower class people as well as the foreigners.

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