Sample Essay

The hiring policies of the United States of America are very straight forward. Some of the basic outlines of the hiring policy of the United States of America are perhaps the same as compared to those of India. In the hiring policy of both the countries we find that discrimination on any basis what so ever is not allowed at all. People from all walks of lives are encouraged to join the word force, even though a bit of discrimination is yet present in the labor market of the United States of America and this is evident when one closely examines the markets and the approach of employers towards people of different backgrounds, religions, castes etc. The American policy is against such acts and states that preference should be given to everyone and anyone who has the required education and expertise. But all of the employees or the candidates have to pass through a drug test before the job is confirmed for the strictness of these drug tests is now being debated and there is a high chance that the rules would be less strict now.

An interesting point here is of the hiring policies of America for foreigners. The foreigners are highly welcomed in America and a program by the name of H-1B has been introduced and the supporters of this program state that, “there is a systemic shortage of U.S. scientists and engineers, and the only way to fill the gap between domestic demand and supply of high-skill workers is by importing guest-workers through the H-1B program. They argue that, without a large increase in the H-1B program, they will be forced to outsource the jobs by hiring foreign scientists and engineers in their home countries. Second, they claim that the H-1B program serves as the gateway to immigration for the “best and brightest” foreigners, arguing that capturing the best and brightest is contingent on an expansion of the H-1B program” (Hira, 2007). But even though foreigners have a lot of support from the Americans, their hiring is not easy. They have to attain a working certificate. This is one of the requirements of the immigration laws and it necessitates labor certification so as to prove to the government that the job of an American is not being taken away by a foreigner and that the skill and the expertise of the person is not readily obtainable from the domestic work force.

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