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As mentioned earlier in the introduction section of this paper that Asian region has been the slowest region that has taken a lot of time in building up their economies and coming up to a sound level to compete with global powers and economic leaders.

Although the economic growth has been slow in the Asian region but Singapore is one region whose growth in terms of economy has been rapid and has been observed by the economists all over the world. Since its independence from Malaysia in 1965, the country was surrounded with a lot of problems which needed ample time and planning to come over those troubles.

But with ample skills of the Singaporeans and their hard work plus efficient planning the country was able to achieve massive growth in GDP from 1960s till 1990s and according to the economists this growth has been up to 9%. This itself remains astonishing record as not even the US or any of the European nation could get this much growth in such a small span of time.

Singapore having a strategic location holds a key asset to its name which is its sea port that has now become one of the busiest sea ports in the world. Since long, the port has been of major importance to the British colonizers who once used to have control over the region which is now called Malaysia and Singapore. As British colonizers were part of East India Company that was into trading, the port became of key importance for them which boasted and facilitated their trade.

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