Sample Essay

As we look beyond what happened and how it all started? We should definitely get over the mistakes we did in the past and get on with the positive attitude and produce more than what we already had. Toyota Motor inEuropewas responsible for designing cars with the availability of diesel engines which actually led them to produce not just the results which were good but it was highly impressive and this was in the summers of 2005. This was the ninth time inEuropethat Toyota Motor Company was awarded the best record sales because with the implications of new strategies, their sales increased to 50% from 2000 to the year 2005. This was by far the biggest achievement by the Toyota Motor Europe because all new strategies doesn’t always give what you want but this was even financially attractive as reported by the business week that the Toyota Motor Europe has increased their profit to $654 million in 2003. By implementing these strategiesToyotahas not j profit margin but has also made a name for themselves in the leading World Market full of competitors.

Toyotadecided to open their plants in different countries likeFrance,Turkey,Polandand theCzech Republic, They were expecting that there local production their will definitely increase and reach 60 percent by the year 2006. But this was only possible ifToyotawith its ambitious goals should start implementing and meet the required sales target.

By inventing the Aygo minicar forToyotain Europe, the challenge was always there to forcefully let the customer’s buy their product asToyotasees a difficult market infront of their eyes. To generate a good sales profitToyotahad to look for 100,000     customer’s who can buy the car annually. The market was very slow at that time and by manufacturing the new Aygo minicar on the other hand was a big challenge for the Toyota Motor inEurope. But as it is said, “Challenges are accepted by those who have the capability to prove themselves, it’s not a task which cannot be done- it is what brings about the best in any Organization.”

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