Sample Essay

This book was written by Abraham Lincoln’s friend Isaac Newton Arnold in 1866, he was a noted politician and his biographer. Arnold was known for his support against slavery, he served two terms in the United States House of Representatives in 1842, he organized a ‘Free Soil Party’ in Illinois, he started his law practice in1836 and during the time he became friends with Abraham Lincoln. Arnold in his book depicts general history revolving round Abraham Lincoln, and stresses Lincoln’s views on slavery; Lincoln was against slavery and wanted an end to slavery. Arnold became a well known lawyer after winning a criminal case in which an African American was accused of murder, his criminal practice started with this victory, Arnold was disturbed by the ‘Fugitive Slave Law’ that supported the slave holders with courts protection, soon Arnold presented a protest against this law at a Chicago meeting. Arnold’s and Abraham Lincoln’s reputation spread all over the states; both were involved together handled legal matters, Arnold was also involved in politics.
Abraham Lincoln guided the American nation through the problems of war to peace, and he was against slavery; in 1854 the Democratic Party secured the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which created two states of Kansas and Nebraska and allowed the people to decide if they wanted to permit or not to permit slavery, this resulted in angry protests from many Democrats, Abraham Lincoln tried to reason against the expansion of slavery, as he envisaged the death of slavery, Lincoln was joined by many people against the Kansas-Nebraska Act which dealt a serious blow to this Act, Lincoln strongly wanted to prevent the Expansion of slavery and was declared  leader of ‘anti-Nebraska Act’ with the joining of people against slavery a political alliance was formed in 1856. Though Lincoln had very strong antislavery feelings he was pressurized by people who demanded immediate abolition of slavery. Lincoln’s intentions were disclosed by his proposal of Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, which is basically freedom of the slaves, though it did not free many slaves from bondage yet it presented as a symbol that changed the nature of civil war.

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