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Arthur and Walter Davidson alongside William Harley were the co-founders of Harley Davidson. They set off to build motorcycles in a garage in 1903. After selling fifty motorcycles at a stretch in their garage the company filed for its incorporation in 1907 with a full time employer. In all this while, the repo of the company was aligned with Walter Davidson’s riding a Harley to a motorcycle win in some 1908 race. At the same time, new products such as the Twin started gaining momentum. Other than this, there included other products such as the clutch, the internal expanding rear brake, and the mega three-speed transmission that the company introduced.  This was only the beginning of what Harley had set itself for – a pioneer in the world of leading motorcyclcles.

Progress and Development:

As 1918 drew closers, Harley Davidson set another record. It was now the world’s largest motorcycle company. It had produced around 28,000 motorcycles. All this was at a time, when the economy was sagging. During this era, it went up to invest in research and development and build up on its ever famous V-twin design. They built a new four cylinder engine and ended up improving the reliability factor of these machines. Various other side products also helped enhance their standing amongst customers. Firm developed electric starters, the balloon tires, the front brakes, the standardized parts cropped and product quality moved up on the graph. This helped their overall market share as well. They were now at a ratio of 2: 1 against Indian then, only other motorcycle manufacturer in the United States. Following World War II, Harley Davidson witnessed an evitable decline. It was now faced with pressure for imports even from Europe. However Harley did not lose its moment urn. It continued pioneering the most powerful motorcycles and it was no surprise that by the mid 1950s it held credit to at least 60 percent market share.

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