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The social learning theory that has been developed by the very well-known Albert Bandura has turned into being possibly the most powerful and prominent theory related to learning and development. Even though the theory is rooted in a vats number of the most fundamental concepts of traditional learning theory, Albert Bandura clearly conceived that undeviating reinforcement does not explicate every single type of learning. The theory that he presented put in a social factor, presenting the fact that individuals can acquire new information as well as attitudes by merely observing those around them. Also recognized as observational learning or modeling, this method of acquiring new information can be utilized in order to clarify an assortment of behaviors.

Basically the social learning theory is said to be an applied science which is used to clarify the methods of learning attitudes and behavior. Nobody can deny the fact that individuals learn a lot by merely observing other people, particularly their actions and reactions. Those who generally observe positive attitudes and behaviors around them imitate a positive attitude and positive behavior. Consequently, those who observe negative behavior in people around them are usually found in a disordered emotional and mental state and are usually found in a confused state (Social Learning Theory Applied Science of Behavior, 2008).

Basic work on this theory was carried out by Gabriel Tarde (1843-1904), but was later worked upon by Julian Rotter (1954), after which it was finally taken upon by Albert Bandura (1977). The theory was at first established somewhere around the 1940s so as to clarify the observable fact of why animals and humans imitate behavior. Later on, in the 1960s, Albert Bandura contributed to the growth of this theory by proving the fact that children by nature copy the behavior and attitude of other children that they observe, without even having the need or obtaining a prize for the newly acquired behavior.

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