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The story of Taoism actually starts with a man having the name Li Erh, and also known as Lao Tzu (FFMW, n.d, 2). In the regime of Chou Dynasty in about 700 B.C.E he was a royal librarian. Lao Tzu was considered as one finest philosopher of the china. He is said to have roamed the earth with a dragon. Li Erh or commonly known as Lao Tzu decided to isolate himself from the society. After years of study his mind naturally got enlightened. He traveled quite a few distances to the far west and reached upon a far-away mountain pass where he was being able to met Wen Shih. Wen Shih was said to be the keeper of the past. Nevertheless Lao Tzu was influenced by Wen-Shih to write a book that clearly projects his internal opinion regarding the society and earth. This led finally gave a beginning to the of Tao Te Ching, a book of philosophy and a deep manual concerning the impending of the meditation and self transformation (Townsend, 2005, 1)
Phillip Townsend continues informing us that that with the passage of time several other reflective thinkers and philosophers wrote manuals that further elaborated the thoughts and teachings of Taoism. Out of them the most renowned philosophers Chuang Tzu and Lieh Tzu. Over the precedent centuries Taoism has grown-up a great deal in China and in its neighboring areas that it has been further divided into numerous schools of thoughts. At this moment of time, it is has become almost impossible to actually separate Taoism from the Chinese philosophy, medication, record, and culture, etc.

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