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The Soviet War that took place in Afghanistan was a conflict that took on for about nine years, which involved the Soviet forces in alliance with the Marxist People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) against the larger force of Islamic Fundamentalist Mujahideen insurgents.


On the Christmas of 1979, Russian paratroopers terrain in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The nation was by now in the clench of a civil war. The Prime Minister, Hazifullah Amin, made attempts to brush aside Muslim custom within the nation and wished for the country to be more western. This annoyed the bulk of those in Afghanistan as a strapping tradition of Muslim faith was widespread in the country. A vast number of Muslim leaders had been detained and a number of others had gone away from the capital and escaped into the mountains to get away from Amin’s police. Another factor that added to the opposition of the current government was that Amin lead a communalist based government, which rejected religion.
The Mujahideens has been joined by hundreds and thousands of Afghanistan Muslims, which was a guerilla power on a sacred mission for Allah. Their chief aim was to remove from power the Amin government. A jihad (holy war) was declared by the Mujahideen against all the supporters of Amin. This also took into consideration the Russians, who had arrived in Afghanistan so as to preserve the power of the Amin government. The Mujahideen turned out to be a fearsome opponent.

The whole world was against the idea of this invasion and no help was provided to the Soviet forces by the United States of America, which strongly condemned this action, even though a limited support was provided to the Mujahideen by America.

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