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However, it could be argued that hosting sports events such as Olympic Game not only have positive impact to local communities but they also have negative impact such as increasing in house price and displacement. Jones and Wilkes (2006) show that the improvements in infrastructure to prepare for mega-sporting events lead to increase in house prices, and it results in the displacement of those groups of people who are on a low-income because they could not afford to pay expensive rent. On the other hand, it could be stated that sports events have more positive impact than negative impact. Many researchers believe that sports events provide lots of benefit in term of helping host destinations to build destination’s image, creating destination awareness and attracting tourists to their destinations (Liu and Gratton, 2010; Twynam and Johnston, 2004; Moon et al., 2011; Kaplanidou and Vogt, 2007)

Getz (2008) claims that there are two majors themes of sports management and sports studies in that sports events can be attractions for audiences and fans, or can offer a form of sport participation but require travelling such as with skiing. Weed and Bull (2004) support that spectators of sporting events can be divided into people who attend sports events to watch a family member or friends compete or people who are interested in sports or they attend sports events because they want to support their favourite sport teams. Therefore, it could be accepted that hosting sports events could provide lots of benefits to destinations and this is one of reasons that stimulates the government in many destinations to host these events to help them to improve tourism industry in their regions.

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