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Since time immemorial, man has been subjected to a lot of inadvertent segregation due to differences that subjugate society and sanction roles for people to assume. It is becoming increasingly difficult to weaken or condense those differences and in turn, bridge gaps within society. There are three distinct definitions available for the word barrier on the internet. A barrier is:
“a structure or object that impedes free movement, any condition that makes is difficult to make progress or achieve an objective, and, anything serving to maintain separation by obstructing vision or access.”  (Princeton University, 2010)
Going by the literal meaning of the word barrier and intertwining it with its figurative usage is an interesting feat since most of its prime consequences tend to be literal than figurative.
To substantiate this argument, let us assume a room with two individuals. Initially, their bonding will cultivate on the basis of curiosity about each other. However, as soon as differences begin to take root between them, one of them will either want to move out, or create a partition, like a dividing panel, that separates either of them from each other’s view. This is because, in his mind, he has already constructed a barrier that separates him from the other person and he will not want to be in contact with the other person at all. Even if he might harness feelings of guilt later on in time, at that very moment the feeling of differences, of barriers will overpower every other feeling and the person will want to block the other one out.

“WordNet Search – 3.0.” 31 May 2010. Princeton University.

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