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What HP needs to do, is to increase its customers. For this, the company needs to make efforts to cut down the prices, which as mentioned previously are a bit escalated as compared to its counter namely Dell. This step and its completion can make the products easily available and acquirable for and by the customer. A constant battle is on between both the companies and if HP wishes to stay in the market with a strong position, it needs to make sure that this step is taken and that the customers are satisfied due to the easy availability of the products that are required by them.

Another step that needs to be taken by the company is the fact that it should keep all of its trade secrets a “secret”. It is said that, “MENTION trade secrets and industrial espionage comes to mind. But more often than not, trade secrets are found in seemingly innocuous data. What may appear trivial could in fact give you an edge over the competition, or even be the key to your success.  As an entrepreneur, you may think you don’t have trade secrets until you’re asked to invite your competitors in and show them client lists and marketing plans, talk to employees and observe the way you do business. Then it becomes obvious you have something to protect. Trade secrets are established when a business owner concludes certain information is intrinsically valuable to their business and it would be detrimental if that information was known by their competitors” (Salmas, 2002). Hence,  HP needs to make sure that the trade secrets are kept well-hidden as the revelation of these secrets can lead to HP’s own destruction.

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