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As it has been mentioned, females are more reluctant on maintaining their close relations, while men are more focused on maintaining a personality that is unique and separate. Because of this fact, even if women go through stressful times throughout their times, it is highly unlikely that they would turn to delinquency or drug use to get over their problems.
Men, on the other hand, who prefer being aggressive to maintain their power, react to stressful events in a more dangerous behavior by drug abuse and delinquency. Another factor which drives men into using drugs is the desire to defy authorities when they face a stressful event. In the light of the theoretical model put forward above, we can conclude that events of life, stressful events in particular lead to higher degrees of depression in women and higher degrees of drug usage among men and ‘research among adolescents has found a similar pattern, with males more likely to react to stress via increased drug use and delinquency’ (Hoffman and Su, 1997: 52).

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