Sample Essay

However, Shukla et al. (2006) also claim that the demand for tourism has had rapid growth, and this reason has put many destinations under pressure because of high competition between them. Therefore, this is one of the reasons that make many cities want to host events, especially sports events, because it could bring a lot of tourists to their cities and attract media attention to promote their cities to the world.

Therefore, it could be agreed that sports events could help many destinations to create a destination image, and it could help to improve the image in a destination that has a very poor image. Manzenreiter (2010) accepts that a sports event could help a country to improve its image. Therefore, Kaplanidou and Vogt (2007) suggest that many destinations use sports events to be part of their marketing strategy to build up a destination image and promote tourism products. Communities use sports events as their marketing tools to create destination awareness, improve a city’s image and attract tourism business development. In addition, Getz (2008) underlines that sports events in the UK have become an important platform to develop the economy in many cities. For example, Manchester used the Commonwealth Games to increase the city’s profile, to promote urban renewal and commercial developments. Eastbourne is one of the cities that provide different types of events because it wants to use those events to attract tourists to visit their destination.

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