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The article that has been taken under consideration goes by the name of “Stress: How It Affects Us” and has been written by the very well-known Joel Nathan. As the name suggests, the article is related to stress and how it affects our day-to-day workings as well as out health in general. The article basically tells us how stress can weaken our immune system, thereby causing more and more health related troubles on daily basis. The author suggests that, “anything that inhibits the continued release of CRH lowers our immune defenses, and increases our susceptibility to diseases, inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, and behavioral syndromes such as depression, anxiety and anger”. This statement clearly marks out the fact that CRH which is released during stress can deter out health in ways that are least desirable by us, at times even ending up in cases of heart diseases and cancer.


Someway or the other, whatever is going on in our mind has a direct effect on our health by raising or dropping our hormone and levels of immunity. Whatever goes on in our heads seeps into our body somehow, for example, the author tells us about depression. When we are sad, our shoulders droop; we get headaches and at times even have trouble sleeping. On the other hand when we get angry our “face goes red, you start to shake, your heart and breathing rates go up” (Nathan, p.1). With years passing by, the effects of all such things that eat you in the inside add up, which leads to our diseases being known as our qualms, enmities, misunderstandings etc.
The basic argument here is that we should not let stress effect us to the point that we fall sick because of it, leading to dangerous cases such as cancer, arthritis etc. The author makes it clear that the term “immune” is Greek for memory, the basic feature that is shared between our immune system shares and out central nervous system. Good memory is extremely important for smooth working of our immune system. This means that one should have the capability to remember previous bad experiences along with how he/she reacted to them. This helps us figure out our illness as a message to move on and figure out what we need to change in our lives to make it even better.

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