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But, another aspect of this article puts forward the possibility that the assumption of females being less aggressive just might not even be true. First of all, the society we live in now is more sex-neutral and sex stereo types have diminished recently, hence tests cannot be made in order to assert the previously mentioned issues. Secondly, what kind of stressful events such as relationships, criticism etc trigger such differences are unknown. What is needed here is a definition of the ways in which certain stressful events affect men and women.

This according to the authors is the only most assertive way to ensure whether sex differences exist in stress driving men and women into delinquency and drug use. A test was carried out by the authors on a number of men and women to assert whether the previous assumption is true or not. But, the authors themselves claim that the results are not to be taken seriously because of the fact that the results, “come form a sample that overemphasizes adolescents from families in which a parent is psychologically impaired. Thus, because a large percentage of those adolescents potentially suffer from persistent stressful life events, and because this particular type of stress may effect males and females in a similar manner, the results of this study do not conclusively reject the possibility that Agnew’s strain theory has sex-distinct implications” ((Hoffman and Su, 1997: 71).

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